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Vixi 360 - What is it?

VIXI – built with a dream to freeze and slow time, capturing the moment in stunning quality, instantly and from numerous vantage points.

For unique events and activations that enthrall your guests, to create product photos that allow online users to actually turn the product, and freeze or slow time to capture that moment in film, television or commercials!

The VIXI 360° camera system is designed to be portable and can be operated in almost any location – studios, outdoors, offices, warehouses or live events.  The VIXI system is Ultra HD (4K) capable and can shoot still images instantly or HD video from 36 angles – instantly.

The VIXI system is a one of a kind system that uses a custom control system mixed with cutting edge photography equipment.

Create an exciting event activation for your brand or company.  We offer various structure designs and printed walls to really get people talking about your brand!

A social media system allows for instant posting to various social media platforms and direct to users email addresses.

Give your guests a unique and memorable experience at your next event. Whether it’s beside a Red Carpet entrance, a wedding, or on the sidelines of a sporting event, it will be an experience your guests will remember.

Integrate our optional social media system to make it all the more memorable. Guests can enter their details on touch screen kiosks to post directly to Facebook.

360° Photo Studio
Create instant, rotatable product photos for online use or to tie in with traditional video for commercial and film work.

The VIXI system supports video and RAW image capture allowing for high quality imagery whatever the destination.

No need for a turntable, sequences can be shot in seconds – meaning less time spent on shots and saving you money.

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